Have you seen my cookbook?

Beast Bowl Nutrition The New and Improved Meal Prep Cookbook by Laura Reigel

The cookbook is here! Order it today! GIRL WHAT!?  Yep, you heard me; I wrote an honest to God meal prep cookbook!  And it’s rad! It’s been a longtime goal of mine to be an author. I never imagined that I would ever be the author of a legit cookbook. I’d always planned to write a super cool serial…

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  1. Emily Harris

    Yum, minus the cilantro, just how I roll.

    • Laura

      Cilantro – you either love it or hate it! 😃

  2. Michelle Hall

    I’m dying to try this recipe! It looks delicious. I’m thinking I could eat it right out of the bowl!

    • Laura

      You are so right, Michelle. I do eat this right out of the bowl, especially if you toss in a little avocado.

  3. Vishal

    5 stars
    I love fresh corn grilled on gas stove. This is perfect recipe for taco salad. Thanks for sharing Laura!!

    • Laura

      Thanks, Vishal. I hope you enjoy it. It’s great to hear from you.

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