Easy Homemade Valentine’s Day Candy Recipes

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show someone how much you love them. Delicious edible gifts are my favorite way to show some love. Here are 25 easy no-bake recipes and Homemade Valentines Candy Ideas to sweeten up your sweetie.


This super easy Valentine’s candy recipe is made with white chocolate melts and sprinkles.

By: Amy Desrosiers from The Savvy Saving Couple

A bowl of homemade white chocolate heart candies topped with pink and red heart shaped sprinkles.


Shelly teaches you how to make gummy candy step-by-step. These adorable heart-shaped gummy candies are fun to make, and you’ll get a handy science lesson

By: Shelly Brewer from Steam Powered Family.

A platter of different shaped red gummy heart candies.

Valentines Monster lollipops

These are the cutest monster lollipops. NO mold needed!

By: Kim Poulson of Kimspired DIY.

5 lollipops made from jolly rancher candies decorated with monster eyes and hearts.

Valentine’s Sugar Cookie Bars

Sweet and soft Valentine’s day cookies. These soft cookie bars are like the frosted Lofthouse sugar cookies.

By: our friends from Moms and Munchkins.

Stack of sugar cookie bars decorated with pink icing and valentines day sprinkles.

Super Easy Chocolate Pops

These lacey chocolate pops are super easy to make and look like a million bucks.

By: Lisa Huff at Snappy Gourmet.

Homemade chocolate lollipops made by drizzling melted chocolate in a circular pattern and then topping with valentines day sprinkles.

Easy No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

Easy to make and easy and made-healthier version of buckeye peanut butter balls.

By: Elaina Newton from The Rising Spoon.

A baking tray full of vegan buckeye chocolate peanut butter balls.

Valentines Rice Krispie Treats and Gift Tag Printables

Adorable pink heart rice Krispie treats variation and Valentine’s printable gift tags.

By Kam Kailley of Maple Planners

Valentines rice krispie treats variation. Pink and cut into heart shapes. packaged with homemade valentines gifts tags.

Adorable Pink Strawberry Fudge

What is better than sweet bites of sweet strawberry fudge.

Recipe By: Adina Beck from Where Is My Spoon.

A piece of Strawberry Fudge

Vegan Caramel Truffles

Perfect for your favorite plant-eater. These vegan truffles are brought to you

By: Holly Bertone of Pink Fortitude

Vegan truffles filled with a date caramel and covered with dark chocolate.

Valentine’s Dessert Board

I love the idea of having a dessert charcuterie board. Especially for a Galentine’s celebration!

By: Michelle Hancock of Modern Mom Life.

Dessert board filled with Valentines candies, cookies, and chocolates.

Red Wine Chocolate Truffles, Seriously? 

Red wine and chocolate are two of my favorite things put together in one decadent creamy truffle. I might be making these for myself this Valentine’s Day.

By: Lauren Grant-Vose at Zestful Kitchen.

A plateful of truffles made with dark chocolate and red wine.

Gorgeous Vegan Heart Shaped Mounds Candies

Hot pink in the middle, these vegan hearts are cute and delicious.

By: Robin Means of Vegan Dollhouse.

Heart shaped copy cat mounds candies. bright pink inside. vegan candy recipe.

12 Vegan Chocolate Truffles

A perfect box of chocolates for your favorite chocolate lover. This post has excellent truffle decorating ideas, even if you make my boozy rum truffles below.

By: Chloe Xmillerx from Baked by Clo.

A dozen beautifully decorated chocolate truffles.

S’ mores Pops for Valentine’s Day Gifts

These are easy, no-bake, and have everything that IU love about S’ mores.

By: Niki Sargent Meiners from 365 Days Of Crafts.

S'mores pops made with heart shaped marshmallows.

Rocky Road Fudge

This fudge takes 5 minutes to make is and an impressive, chunky mouthful of nuts and marshmallows. Plus, it’s dairy-free.

By: Laura at Foodology Geek

stack of Dairy Free Rocky Road Fudge
Dairy-Free Rocky Road Fudge

Almond Bark

The key to making the most delicious almond bard is using the best chocolate you can find. My favorite is the Guittard brand.

By: Laura from Foodology Geek

Stack of dark chocolate salted almond bark
This bark is quick to make, elegant, and as delicious as it looks!

Rum Truffles

These boozy truffles are one of my most popular recipes. Make them with rum, bourbon, or your favorite spirit. You can also make them booze-free.

By: Laura of Foodology Geek.

Mounds Candy

Copy cat mounds candies. These are so easy to make. Only three ingredients. Topped off with super fund sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop.

By: Laura of Foodology Geek

homemade mounds candy bites decorated with rose gold sprinkles from sprinklevpop

Mocha Mix

The easy to make mocha mix makes an excellent gift for coffee lovers. Add a few tablespoons to hot espresso and then top with steamed milk.

By: Laura of Foodology Geek

homemade mocha mix in a jar with a Darth Vadar cookie jar in the background

Sugar-Free Low Carb Truffles

Just because your watching your carbs doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the sweet stuff. Keto Truffles This chocolate candy recipe is sugar-free and low carb.

By Lisa Brown from Low Carb Yum.

Plate of low carb, sugar-free dark chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries on a Stick

Skewers of Chocolate Covered Strawberries will impress your valentine this year.

By: Rebecca Pytell from Strength and Sunshine.

Chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. decorated with sprinkles.

Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Hearts

By: Lisa Henry O’Driscoll from Fun Money Mom.

homemade dark chocolate hearts decorated with sprinkles

Adorable and Spicy Chili Chocolate Hearts

These gorgeous and easy to make vegan chocolate hearts

By: Emily Zielinski from Simply Healthy Vegan.

dark chocolate heart candies with the work merci imprinted on them

Cookie Dough Truffles

These cookie dough truffles could be made for any occasion but are a super cute idea for homemade Valentine’s day candies.

By: Lyne Proulx from Ottowa Mommy Club

a platter of heart-shaped cookie dough truffles

Other Valentine’s Day Ideas

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