Beast Bowl Nutrition eCookbook


Beast Bowl Nutrition is a cookbook for fitness-minded foodies. Simple recipes with real food ingredients.



Beast Bowl Nutrition eCookbook

This cookbook contains all you need to know about building protein-packed, nutritious meals that even the food snobbiest eaters will love. Packed with over 100 recipes including core proteins, sauces, and extras that can be mixed and matched. Every bowl is macro-adjustable if you are counting, but delicious and healthy even if you’re not.

Beast Bowls are simple recipes created with real food ingredients. 

Most of our recipes are Vegan Adaptable, Gluten-Free, and at least Paleo-ish.

(Note that this is a downloadable book in EPUB format, readable on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac using iBooks, and on your Windows and Android devices using any of the free EPUB readers available on the Internet.)


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