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Affiliate and Advertising Policy

In my perfect world, I would have endless amounts of time (and Ingredients) and would be able to run FoodologyGeek without needing any outside revenue. Unfortunately, that glorious dream isn’t quite my reality, and I rely on advertising, sponsors, and affiliates to help me produce the content you find on this site. It’s important to me to be completely transparent about the advertising and affiliate programs that take place on I never want you to feel like there’s any sort of shady business or sneaky salesmanship going on! What follows is a quick synopsis of my advertising and affiliate policies.

If you’re a brand looking for information on how we can partner together, please see my Work With Me page!

Advertising on

Foodology Geek displays sidebar and banner advertising from a number of companies, and in the course of serving these ads, cookies are sometimes used to collect information. You can learn much more about what information is collected, and how to opt-out of it, by reading my Privacy Policy. (While you’re submerged in legalese, you might want to look at my Terms & Conditions too.)

Sponsored Posts

I will sometimes accept the opportunity to work with brands on recipe-related projects. I actually love working with brands, because it’s a great opportunity to exercise my creativity, and it often results in a giveaway for my readers–a win-win! I only work with brands or products that I trust and believe in, and that fit well with the from scratch, real food, obsessed nature of Foodology Geek. This sponsored content will always be clearly labeled as such, and I will always disclose any compensation received.  I do not accept payment for writing positive reviews, and any opinions about the product in the sponsored posts are my own. If a giveaway is sponsored, that will be clearly labeled as well.

Affiliate Programs

Currently, my only affiliate partnership is with Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. When you click on an link on my website and buy something, the cost to you remains the same, but I receive a very small amount of money. I most often use Amazon to link to cookbooks or products that I love, own, and highly recommend myself. I know that many people don’t have access to the same stores I do, and linking to Amazon products is an easy way to help readers find specific ingredients or tools. I appreciate the support of anyone who clicks through to Amazon and buys something!

And Finally…

I know that Foodology Geek would be nothing without my readers. Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, pinning, emailing, and being all-around awesome. High five!

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