How to Make The BEST Smoked Turkey Breast

A turkey breast is perfect for a smaller crowd; leftovers make the best turkey sandwiches or soup.

dry or wet brine

A dry rub or your favorite wet brine. I prefer a dry rub always, but if you have a wet brine recipe you love, feel free to use it with this recipe.

dry rub

Rub the turkey breast generously with the dry rub. If you use a boneless breast, you can tie the turkey breast up to ensure that it cooks more evenly.

tie and let sit

Tie with butcher's twine and let sit with dry brine for 24 + hours.

prep smoker

1. Add lump charcoal to one-half of the smoker. Never use charcoal briquets in your smoker.

prep smoker

Light the charcoal using a BBQ torch or a starter block. Allow the charcoal to catch fire, and then open the top and the bottom vents as wide as they will go.

prep smoker

Close the lid of the Kamado grill and allow the dome to preheat as the fire comes to temperature.  Bring the heat of your smoker up to 225℉.

prep smoker

Add a few chunks of fruit wood. I recommend apple, pecan, hickory, or alder wood for turkey.

start smoking

Get the turkey breast on the grill.

internal temp

Smoke the turkey until the internal temperature reaches 150 to 155℉.

brush with butter

Brush the turkey with melted butter and continue to smoke until the internal temperature is between 155 and 160℉.


Remove the turkey from the grill, cover it with a foil tent and rest for 20 minutes before slicing.


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