Homemade Pasta

You can make fresh pasta from scratch with just a few simple ingredients.

measure flour

Measure the flour onto a clean work surface. Mix in the salt, create a mound and a well in the center of the flour. Add the eggs and the olive oil to the center of the well.

knead the dough

Knead the dough by hand until it is smooth and elastic. It can take about 10 minutes.


Add a little flour to a clean work surface and cover the smooth dough ball with a bowl. Rest on the counter for at least 30 minutes

prepare to cut

Start by cutting the dough into four pieces. Roll to the dough to flatten it slightly.


Start by rolling out the dough through the widest setting on your pasta maker. Repeat that 3 times. Then fold both ends of the pasta dough into the middle.


Continue to roll the dough through the pasta machine, increasing the setting to get the pasta sheet to the desired thickness.


When the pasta is rolled to the desired thickness, Use the pasta cutter to cut the noodles into the desired type of noodle.


Fresh pasta should be dried before cooking. The drying time needed depends on how long you plan to store the pasta before cooking it.

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