Caesar Salad with Dressing

This unami-packed Caesar Salad Dressing gets its signature flavor from the salty briny anchovies, garlic, and Worchestershire sauce.

make croutons

This mellow garlic flavor, in combination with toasted parmesan cheese, make the croutons super tasty.

prepare lettuce

Wash the lettuce. Separate the leaves and wash them well in cold water. Dry the romaine leaves by laying them between layers of paper towels.

make dressing

Use an immersion blender to emulsify this mixture until it is smooth and creamy. Transfer the emulsified dressing to a large bowl and whisk in the olive oil and a little fresh ground black pepper.


Tear lettuce into large chunks and add to a bowl. Gentle toss in dressing.


Plate the dressed lettuce and top with generous croutons and shaved parmesan cheese.

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